About the Curator

A Vancouver based creative who on her journey to becoming “whole” developed creative roots dabbling in a multitude of mediums mostly in the textile arts. Incubated in conception for 10 years, she has set forth to complete this project as a trust upon her. Cube Muse is the by-product of a life of creativity and prayer is now being honoured to share with others.

Heavily influenced by her multi-cultural & multi-faith background, she started to explore Islam, her birth faith, at a time when she was ready to walk away from it. She was implored to look further into faith with lenses of love and it was then she was able to decipher the difference of the cultural version of Islam she was raised and the essence of Islam she found. Today she unapologetically presents herself as a North American Muslim Woman who strives to challenge the narrative that has been  placed on her identity.