The Inspiration

The Brand

A line of wearable art showcasing many universal lessons learnt whilst observing the Ka’bah through the medium of fashion and digital story telling. Visually meditative, the focus is the logo, cubic in structure inscribed with the words دعوة إلى الوعي, “a Call to Consciousness” as that is what the Ka’bah is. To Muslims or non, there are various lessons that can be learned by observing the position the Ka’bah has in the lives of Muslims as a venerated structure central to worship. The aim is to have the viewer think beyond everyday rituals and think critically and independently. 

The Inspiration

To move people to think beyond rituals of daily life especially when it comes to elements of faith. The Ka’bah being “building” found in the texts of all the Judeo-Christian faiths is a centralizing element that not only brings people together but also eliminates many social constructs that keep people of walks of life, faiths and races apart. A unifying factor that allows the individual to awaken their senses to look beyond the mundane definitions that pigeon hole us into believing we are more different rather than similar. In essence the Ka’bah is “a call to consciousness”, here is why:

It invites the young, the old, men, women, black, white, rich and poor. There are no boundaries as to who visits or turns towards the Ka’bah. if only we can integrate this into our daily lives a lesson for all of humanity.

The Ka’bah breaks down barriers as each person turns to it with a common goal, to answer a call. Granted the Ka’bah is synonymous with Islam, these lessons are universal, what is your call? Can you think above and beyond a command in order to bring the masses together in peaceful succession? Can we be moved to break the mould, and not just follow blindly? Allow yourself to surrender without breadth, think beyond structure, commands and prohibitions. My intention for this line is to create a movement #acalltoconsciousness for those who are ready to answer the true call to consciousness and speak up for any cause that burns in their heart.

In order to do so we must embark on the journey, one that start inward. In order to take flight, we need to start with our own inner most dimensions and vibrations that are calling us to our purpose which expands far beyond the autopilot lives we are living outwardly.