Welcome to Cube Muse

Welcome to Cube Muse

Welcome to Cube Muse! 


It’s fitting that this creative journey begins with acknowledging the lands in which we live and worship on.


According to Islamic tradition, 


“as a guest of God, you visit the Ka’bah only when you are invited”.


I’ve been inspired to start Cube Muse by recognizing the reality of one day being a guest at the Ka’bah, if the invitation was to arrive, I do hope it will - sooner than later. 


For billions around the world, this unifying structure (and the city surrounding it) is regarded as a host, I feel this message can be relayed to the different parts of the earth we live in. What if we treated the places we live as hosts and acknowledged the privilege of living there? What if we granted the land its rights rather than treating it like it owes us something just because we “own” it on paper, would things be different? There is a lesson to be learned here. 


For the land has rights observe it’s sanctity
Honour its existence to journey there, to live there. to breath there, to worship there.
Recognize you have been placed there with privilege and favour.
See her beauty and fervour.
From this day forward I recognize the Earth as being my host and not my slave.
~ A Call to Consciousness.
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